Thursday, August 11, 2016

Use SAS for Free

I Recently had the necessity of developing some basic SAS® software for personal use.  I decided to share my experience with you, because I think many people don't know this free option of SAS is available for public, and I did find it quite resourceful and easy to use.

SAS is a is a statistical software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analysesbusiness intelligencedata management, and predictive analytics. [1]

I have the feeling that it is kind of a mixture of R, SQL and Excel all in one. You can make fairly advanced analysis and data mining on it. It is quite easy to use, and even non-programers can do nice data analysis with it. They provide several snippet of codes,

built in function and online documentation. But for me its biggest advantage is the data visualization. 

Data Vizualization

You can download the SAS Studio University Edition for free on .

To use it you have to download VMware (or Oracle virtual box), which they indicate in their website.
You do have to create a profile to download the software. The virtual box is  already configured to start development. Once you "turn on" the SAS Virtual Machine you just have to came back to your real browser and enter on the address


You should be able to see the screen below.

The interface is quite simple to use, so I won't dig into too many details on that. But here is a quick link to start to program in SAS Studio:

The down side is that to use it commercially you have to pay for it. To use it in your business or not it is a question of pros and cons. I believe it really depends on your business scenario. Nevertheless, I think it is good to know there is a free try-out version out there.

Also, if you are a developer willing to learn this tool, this is a great great way of doing it. Just download it and have fun.

Let me know if you guys have any questions! :D

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